Sugar & Soul


Branding as a continuous process which is continuously running.
  • When you collaborate with Branko Koprivica, it sure is emotionally charged, filled with sparkly energy and minds overrun with all kinds of ideas. Fortunately, Branko as well as we do know how to stop, cool off and step out of the vicious circle of overflowing creativity into the revised space - in which only the best ideas receive their final form.
  • With Sugar, as we affectionately call it, the fact that the branding is an ongoing process became clearly evident.

    With Sugar & Soul on mind, Koprivica had a specific intention to create a place with the best live music. But this place is also supposed to have perky day life.

    Different but buzzing concept for both day and night?
  • It might sound like a relatively easy endeavor, but even for experienced restaurateur the truth is: it can be really hard to stand out. So we focused on mastering this challenge.

    Sugar & Soul Coffee - a trademark during the day

    You can enjoy Sugar & Soul Coffee – a coffee like no other in the city or beyond. Coffee drinking culture in our country is dominant, and if one offers such a specialty, why not point it out and turn it into true brand?!

  • We are daring the differences with the one purpose in mind: Sugar & Soul brand.