Horus - coffee & shop concept

Brand development and brand management of the first Coffee and Shop concept in Novi Sad

  • The task: Introduce the Egyptian ways and customs to people of Novi Sad and create a connection which brings together the two cultures.
  • After a local research, we presented the client with the concept of a cafe with a bazaar - a selling point with typical Egyptian goods. This was to become the first Coffee and Shop in Novi Sad and the concept was the basis for all the next steps in branding of Horus.
  • We created a full 3D sensation for sight, taste and smell. Our architects did a makeover of the interior and gave it a more spacious feel. The space is functionally separated on: ground floor and lower floor.
  • The ground floor has a retail section where visitors can find Egyptian spices, essential oils, figurines, ornaments and books. The room is furnished with seating, and offers visitors a fantastic daytime atmosphere combined with interesting interior.
  • Downstairs you enter the Egyptian oasis of color and music, belly dancing and variety of drinks and food.

Other work for this client: