Time of giving

Branding of Christmas outdoor manifestation

  • The Time of Giving is a manifestation celebrating Christmas holidays on the main square of Novi Sad. The Cultural center of Novi Sad had initiated this form of outdoor celebration for the people of Novi Sad and our task was to create the identity of the manifestation, organize the logistics, the programme and performers and to manage the event.
  • Firstly we created the name The Time of Giving which represent the essence of this special time of the year and the character of the event. The visual identity was designed to evoke positive emotion of holiday excitement. Blue and white colors - ice and snow, came as a perfect choice for the identity.
  • For the purposes of the official programme, which took place on the main stage, we recorded and edited a video clip which was played in the intermission.
  • We designed the stands where cookies, honey, hot wine and other treats were sold. During the manifestation the centre of Novi Sad was branded with the identity of The Time of giving.