5. Photomarathon festival

Project management, event planing and branding of 5th Photomarathon.

  • Photomarathon changes visual identity each year, but keeps the format of a 5 day festival. The identity is changing in accordance with the annual theme we select for each festival.
  • ASPECT BDS was in charge of festival management and organization of all promotional activities.
  • The visual identity of the 5th Photomarathon was inspired by the theme of the festival: Street photography. The colors yellow and black create a strong contrast symbolizing the raw presentation of life in street photography.
  • The creative concept was applied in digital and print media formats, used both before and during the festival. We created print materials (posters, flyers, brochures, badges, flags, etc), web portal and continuous online promotion. Communication strategy was defined as artistic, engaging and motivating.
  • An important part of this project was event management, where we had to organize a whole day event, with several check in points in the city center. All of these spots were fully branded with flags, roll ups, posters and other print materials.