Logo and label for bottled water. In use almost 10 years, satisfaction guarantied.

  • Logo
    The founder of ASPECT, Tihomir Laćarac, was born in Novi Sad in 1974. He graduated in 2001. at Damelin College (Johannesburg, South Africa) on the department for graphic and web design.

    In the period from 2001. to 2003. he worked for the following clients: Srbijagas (logo and corporate identity), Hotel Park (logo, packaging), DDOR Novi Sad (promotional campaign) and many other companies.

    He founded ASPECT BRAND DESIGN STUDIO in 2007.
  • Label design
    Logo for the company MINAQUA is designed to preserve the brand recognition and highlight the tradition and long experience which company has in production of water.
  • After analyzing the competition and available space for brand positioning, the contrast in the used colors was defined and enhanced. The emballage of the product symbolizes a wave and power of water, and it is one of the first solutions of this kind on the market.
  • Packaging design
    The label has 3 coats of arms - 3 awards (London, Rome and Paris) which confirm that the customer made the right choice and that the product is recognized and internationally acclaimed.